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ATSC Solartech - PV MAGAZINE Press Mentioned

Updated: Jun 23

Serving as a model for high quality standards in the industry around the world with innovative quartz crucible technology and strategic expansions.

Hung Yen, Vietnam — ATW Technology’s partner ATSC SOLARTECH, a leading provider of quartz crucibles for the photovoltaic and semiconductor industries, announces significant advancements in its Vietnam operations, solidifying its position as the largest photovoltaic crucible manufacturer outside of China. The company's strategic footprint caters to the needs of top-tier photovoltaic module manufacturers globally, emphasizing quality, efficiency, and innovation.

“Our aim is to streamline our processes to ensure that we not only meet but exceed the stringent requirements of the photovoltaic and semiconductor industries,” commented Fernando Oscar Liu, CEO of ATSC SOLARTECH. “We are setting a new standard for excellence and sustainability in our industry.”

ATSC SOLARTECH currently offers customers high-quality crucibles ranging from 32 inches to 44 inches. The lifetime of 36S-inch crucibles have already consistently exceeded 500 hours. The company’s commitment to excellence is evident in its advanced approach to manufacturing quartz crucibles, which are crucial in the production of solar and semiconductor wafers. These crucibles are designed to withstand the rigors of high temperature, pressure, and chemical corrosion, crucial for the high-stakes environments they operate in.

The manufacturing process begins with high-quality raw material supply. Quartz sand, as the sole raw material for producing quartz crucibles, is vital for achieving higher yields and longer crucible life. The entire usage process is subject to stringent cleanliness requirements to prevent secondary contamination. ATSC Solartech has also secured a 5-year long-term supply agreement with leading high-purity quartz sand supplier, Sibelco.

Utilizing proprietary heating techniques and automated control system, the quartz sand is melted in specially designed molds that ensure uniform heat distribution and minimize contamination. During the melting process, precise control over temperature and dimensions are also critical towards ensuring product purity and consistency.

ATSC SOLARTECH adopts a fully automated downstream quartz crucible processing line. Automated grinding and cutting are controlled digitally via PLC, eliminating the need for manual intervention and enhancing processing consistency and stability. Crucible movement is controlled by robotic arms, and an automatic measurement system accurately measures various crucible parameters, offering more accuracy and efficiency than traditional manual measurement methods.

In addition, each crucible from ATSC SOLARTECH undergoes rigorous systematic testing, with data collected and retained throughout the production process via an MES system to ensure traceability of data and physical products. This is beneficial for technical optimization and quality tracking and analysis, reducing the risk of quality anomalies and ensuring that each product delivered to customers is of highest quality.

The company's commitment to excellence extends beyond manufacturing, with plans to expand into the Americas and Middle Eastern markets, capitalizing on the anticipated solar growth in these regions. “Our vision for ATSC SOLARTECH is to lead the way in materials technology and manufacturing innovation, offering a globally diversified supply chain option to the renewable energies industry,” articulated Fernando Oscar Liu. This expansion aligns with the company's long-term strategy for a public listing on a major global stock exchange.

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About ATSC Solartech

ATSC Solartech is a leading provider of Solar Quartz Crucibles, essential for the production of high-efficiency solar cells. Based in Hung Yen, Vietnam, the company leverages expert engineering, ultra-high purity materials, and advanced manufacturing techniques to offer products that set industry benchmarks for quality and performance.

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