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Our Quartz Crucibles are the cornerstone of high-efficiency solar cell manufacturing. Crafted with precision and sustainability in mind, our crucibles ensure unparalleled performance and durability. Harness the power of the sun with ATSC Solartech, where innovation meets excellence

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Precision Crafted for Peak Performance

The Science Behind Our Crucibles

Our quartz crucibles stand at the forefront of technological innovation, designed to endure the extreme conditions of high temperature, pressure, and chemical corrosion. This demands unparalleled purity and stability of materials, setting our crucibles apart as a linchpin in the quality of the final products. Our journey from craftsmanship to automated and intelligent production reflects a leap in efficiency and consistency, underpinned by the advances in materials science. Starting from selecting the highest purity quartz sand, through meticulous melting, molding, cooling, and post-processing, every crucible undergoes stringent quality inspections to ensure it meets the highest standards. With ATSC Solartech, you're choosing a partner dedicated to excellence and innovation, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the industry.


From Expert Hands: The Legacy of 20+ Years in Solar Innovation

Expertise Behind Every Product

At ATSC Solartech, the quality of our Quartz Crucibles is no accident. It's the result of decades of dedication, innovation, and skill. Our engineering team is composed of industry veterans, each boasting over 20 years of experience in leading solar quartz crucible and silicon ingot puller factories across China. These seasoned experts bring a wealth of knowledge and a track record of excellence to every product we create. With such experienced hands at the wheel, ATSC Solartech confidently stands at the forefront of solar technology, ensuring that each product not only meets but exceeds the industry standards for quality, performance, and sustainability."

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Sourced from Sibelco: Purity at Its Core

The Foundation of Excellence: Our Quartz Sands

ATSC Solartech prioritizes unparalleled quality from the ground up, starting with our primary material - quartz sands, sourced exclusively from Sibelco. Renowned for its IOTA high purity quartz sands, Sibelco provides the essential foundation for our cutting-edge Solar Quartz Crucibles. Mined from the world-class ore bodies in Spruce Pine, North Carolina, these quartz sands are the epitome of purity and excellence, boasting a purity of 99.998% with impurities less than 20ppm, and critical elements like Potassium, Sodium, & Lithium under 2ppm. This exceptional standard ensures our crucibles are crafted from a material that not only meets but exceeds the rigorous demands of the continuous Czochralski method - a hallmark of high-tech manufacturing. With ATSC Solartech, you're investing in a legacy of quality, powered by the world's finest quartz.

Our Specifications

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450+ Hours Lifetime

Engineered for endurance, ATSC Solartech's crucibles boast a remarkable lifetime of over 450 hours, setting a new standard in efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Experience the durability designed for continuous and multi-feed crystal growth technologies.


Ultra-High Purity

Embracing the industry's highest standards, our Quartz Crucibles, crafted from Sibelco Quartz Sands, set a new benchmark for purity: 99.99%. A testament to unparalleled quality in the realm of semiconductor and solar technology.


Large Size Capability

Meeting the evolving demand for larger silicon wafers with crucibles ranging from 32" to 36" for the growth of 10 to 12-inch silicon ingots and enabling more efficient oxygen evaporation and quality improvement, while also reducing production costs for our clients.

Exploring Our Crucibles

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